Pressure testing your plan:

One key client has this to say:

Crisis Management Simulations:

“We have utilized the services of GQC for the past year, and the company has been a tremendous resource for our Critical Incident program. GQC’s team has helped us to escalate our overall “prevention footprint” in the US and around the globe as we strive to implement policies and procedures that allow us to effectively manage our business and be prepared for all contingencies. They took the time to get to know our business, and did not just employ a cookie-cutter approach. Specifically, they immediately came with ideas on how to refine our program and make it more effective at the plant level, so we now have a more nimble and effective process and set of procedures to both prevent and handle critical incidents. This experienced input and clear direction has been invaluable to us worldwide”. 

We work with you to custom design a real life scenario that ensures we pressure test your critical systems in a realistic environment. We first sit down with you to identify the systems you want challenged  (Crisis Communication, Decision making process, effectiveness of the core team and alternates, recall capabilities, adherence to your plan and policies) this all accomplished in the safe environment of a role play simulation.