Crisis Management Plans

Proactively Prepared for the unthinkable

  • We offer a customized integrated crisis management plan the matches your unique appetite for risk:  Cross-functional team based system that supports your company’s organization structure, culture and skill sets.
  • Coded risk categories that enhance communications
  • A core central structure with tributaries for each potential peril
  • Clear and concise roles and responsibilities for all levels
  • Pragmatic checklists
  • Well defined Crisis Communication System
  • Latest communication tools including social media
  • External professional resources identified

Benefits of A Crisis Management Plan

  1. Well-defined Roles and Responsibilities leads to rapid assessment of crisis and swift deployment of appropriate action plans.
  2. Cross-functional teams ensure participation from all areas which effectively breaks down functional silos improving commutation flow.
  3. Rapid deployment of your clear, concise and constant message.
  4. Trained teams with successful plans and checklists
  5. Clearly defined communication internal and external