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24/7 Crisis Response: 800-431-CRISIS (2747)

Zontec Software

Take a look at the most effective tool current on the market that allows you to manage to Part Per Million Quality Levels while predicting an preventing critical issues from occurring. Call us today to see how it meets the needs of your business by reducing cost of goods and risk to your brand.


Galaxy Software Powered by Jadian

In today’s world it is critical to get critical risk based information to the key decision makers in a hurry in order to protect your brand. This is one of the best tools on the market that can automatically sift through reams of data and identify brand damaging items and notify key businessmanagers of a looming crisis. I believe that if Chi Chi’s had this in place they would still be in business today. Give us a call today for your free demo.

GQC's Crisis Management iPhone Application

In a rapidly evolving digital age having technology at your fingertips is not only convenient but vital to the success of your business. Our app allows your to set up your Crisis Plan complete with plans for:

  • Communication

  •  Media

  • Vendor Crisis

  • First Response

  • Public Contact

  • Etc.

It is fully capable to be customized to your business needs and has the ability to can have several response levels. You can launch mock drills and actual plans straight from your app.