Helping You Protect Your Brand


We personally work with technical and business leaders to increase the effectiveness of their teams through assessment, strategic planning, training and hands on coaching. Our focus is on institutionalizing systems that predict and prevent issues proactively rather than responding to issues after they occur.


  • We offer a customized integrated crisis management plan the matches your unique appetite for risk:  Cross-functional team based system that supports your company’s organization structure, culture and skill sets.
  • Coded risk categories that enhance communications
  • A core central structure with tributaries for each potential peril
  • Clear and concise roles and responsibilities for all levels
  • Pragmatic checklists
  • Well defined Crisis Communication System
  • Latest communication tools including social media
  • External professional resources identified


businessCrisis Management Simulations:

We work with you to custom design a real life scenario that ensures we pressure test your critical systems in a realistic environment. We first sit down with you to identify the systems you want challenged  (Crisis Communication, Decision making process, effectiveness of the core team and alternates, recall capabilities, adherence to your plan and policies) this all accomplished in the safe environment of a role play simulation.


photo_946_20060127Our approach deep dives into areas such as:

  • Identification of inherit risk for your industry
  • Your current risk mitigation systems
  • We evaluate how well you are prepared for a disaster
  • Identification of external risk to your company and brand
  • Gap analysis: comparison to world class systems, tools and techniques


Consumer Products Regulatory / Quality Systems:

We approach this in a predict and prevent philosophy vs. the industry’s common inspect and reject methodology. We have been successful in shifting companies to a predictive practice delivering outstanding levels or quality while significantly increasing the bottom line




photo_614_20051201Zontec Software

Take a look at the most effective tool current on the market that allows you to manage to Part Per Million Quality Levels while predicting an preventing critical issues from occurring. Call us today to see how it meets the needs of your business by reducing cost of goods and risk to your brand.

IFWe provide a 24/7 Crisis Hotline and Service.

Call us anytime night or day to bring seasoned professionals to help you to navigate successfully thru your crisis and mitigate damage to your brand.




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Some of the Great Companies We Have Had the Honor and Pleasure of Working with:

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