Dark Web Site: The 21st Century Rapid Communication Instrument

Are you prepared for rapid, clear and concise communications? In todays world of social media and warp speed messaging you should be. Dark web sites are today’s crisis communication tools that every company large or small need in their tool box.  It can be the difference of saving your brand (Maple Leaf Foods of Canada) or significantly damaging it beyond repair ( British Petroleum) .  We offer state of the art sites at a significantly reduced price.

Risk Evaluations : A predictive approach identifying a Company’s risk profile and mitigation opportunities

  • We effectively peel the risk onion enabling any organization to apply their unique tolerance for risk..
  • Our approach deep dives into areas such as;
    • Identification of inherit risk for your industry
    • Your current risk mitigation systems
    • We evaluate how well you are prepared for a disaster
    • Identification of external risk to your company and brand
    • Gap analysis: comparison to world class systems, tools and techniques

Pressure test your plan: Crisis Management Simulations

Have you testing your crisis management plan this year?

We are not talking about your mock recalls. We are talking about testing your entire system from the shop floor to the boardroom. We work with you to custom design a real life scenario that ensures we pressure test your critical systems in a realistic environment. We identify the systems you want challenged  (Crisis Communication, Decision making process, effectiveness of the core team and alternates, recall capabilities, adherence to your plan and policies).  This is all accomplished in the safe environment of a role-play simulation.

One key client has this to say: “We have utilized the services of GQC for the past year, and the company has been a tremendous resource for our Critical Incident program. GQC’s team has helped us to escalate our overall “prevention footprint” in the US and around the globe as we strive to implement policies and procedures that allow us to effectively manage our business and be prepared for all contingencies. They took the time to get to know our business, and did not just employ a cookie-cutter approach. Specifically, they immediately came with ideas on how to refine our program and make it more effective at the plant level, so we now have a more nimble and effective process and set of procedures to both prevent and handle critical incidents. This experienced input and clear direction has been invaluable to us worldwide”.

Supplier / Vendor Risks

The majority today’s failures and risk based threats are external to your organization.  Have you identified the level of risk your suppliers and

Co-manufacturers bring?  Many companies have not and unfortunately paid a hefty price in brand equity.  We can help you identify and mitigate this unknown risk to your company.

We provide a couple of risk tools and techniques aimed to identify what risks you’re accepting from your suppliers and how you can identify and significantly reduce that risk footprint

Risk Evaluations:

Who are your best suppliers and why? Is it because they have the best on time delivery and or price? Can you prioritize your vendors from best to worst based on solid risk and performance data?   You may not be in a position to know what level of risk they are exposing you too. We can help correct that situation. Our evaluations will clearly outline where your vendor risks occur. Whether it is their systems, tools, processes, their sourcing, culture and or skill sets. You will clearly see the great job or the unacceptable risk they bring to your organization.

Supplier Data Risk Management

GQC’s Galaxy

This tool is designed to collect your specfic critical risk based data from multiple sources (Customer Complaints, rejected shipments, Audit results, corrective action reports, processing data etc. etc.), rapidly run this data against your customized risk profile identfing potental risk change.   Based on your design it immedidately communicates to the responsible parties to take action.  You talk about proactive risk management this is it. This is a web based system that is the country of Dubai uses to effectively manage their food safety programs and industry.

The Marion County Public Health Department uses this system to manage food safety in over 1200 restaurants  including the Indianapolis 500 and Indianapolis Colts football.

Crisis Management Plans: Proactively Prepared

  • We offer a customized integrated crisis management plan the matches your unique appetite for risk:  Cross-functional team based system that supports your company’s organization structure, culture and skill sets.
  • Coded risk categories that enhance communications
  • A core central structure with tributaries for each potential peril
  • Clear and concise roles and responsibilities for all levels
  • Pragmatic checklists
  • Well defined Crisis Communication System
  • Latest communication tools including social media
  • External professional resources identified

Benefits of Plan:

  1. Well-defined Roles and Responsibilities leads to rapid assessment of crisis and swift deployment of appropriate action plans.
  2. Cross-functional teams ensure participation from all areas which effectively breaks down functional silos improving commutation flow.
  3. Rapid deployment of your clear, concise and constant message.
  4. Trained teams with successful plans and checklists

GQC's iPhone App

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Launch your crisis plan from your smart phone anywhere in the world.

By now you have implemented your Crisis Response Teams and Business Continuation Plan ! Don’t have one?

Then here are some Elements to Consider

  • Move Quickly and Concisely
    • Get your Mind around the issue.
      • Clearly define the scope and Severity and impact to your Brand.
  • Always put the People First (Employees, Customers & Consumers)
    • Coming across as financially driven can be disastrous
  • Communicate, Communicate and Communicate
    • Lead – Get out in Front of the Media
    • Speak Directly, Honestly and Frequently
    • Use Current Technology Dark Web sites, Social Media (Critical to getting out in front and staying there)
      • Video is King
      • Social Media Outlets; Y-Tube, Twitter, Face Book, Etc.)
      • Design Focused Messages for:
        • Employees
        • Investors
        • Media
        • Regulators
        • Clients, Customers and Consumer ( be sure to include those not affected as well )