Critical Business Planning

“When planning for a crisis, it is instructive to recall that Noah start building the Arc before it started to rain” – Norman Augustine

Studies have clearly shown that brand damaging impact comes from how a company reacts to a crisis rather than the nature of the crisis. Just take a look around and come to your own conclusion on how, Toyota, British Petroleum and Menu Foods handled their crises vs Maple Leaf Foods and J&J.

Take action today:

Insure your plan can survive in the current environment. “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there” – Will Rogers

Whether it is a complete Business Continuation Plan or a focused product Crisis Management Plan we can:

Evaluate your current plan by:

o Analyzing Your Business

o Access your Risks (Where is your business vulnerable)

• Natural hazards (geological, meteorological, and biological)

• Human-caused events (accidental and intentional)

• Technological-caused events

o Develop your Strategy (What is your appetite for risk)

• Matching your Plan to your staff’s capabilities

o Recommendations to your Plan

• Crisis Communication Plans

o Rehearse your Plan

• Pressure test your plan and team by providing realistic crisis simulation.

• Develop a comprehensive plan based on your business need.

• Ensure your plan meets SQF 2000 Certification Requirements

      • Remember, the best time to develop a crisis plan is before you are the middle of one! Give us a call today at 480-802-1777