Crisis Communication

Presenting a timely and critical message can be the difference between success or failure in protecting your brand.  We help Companies develop and practice the skills necessary to survive in today’s environment. In the world of crisis communications it is critical to have developed an effective plan. It is equally important that those accountable for working with he media are trained and skill in:

  • What the media craves and needs
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • Why preparation is so important
  • How to establish credibility in an interview
  • Know the rules of engagement
  • What is successful messaging
  • How to avoid the pitfalls
  • How to communicate during a crisis,
  • Become skilled in the techniques of:
    • Bridging– the art of transitioning from a tough question to your message,
    • Flagging- The ability to help journalists hone in on your key points
  • Understand the differences between print, radio, and broadcast, and post-interview review.
  • Our training will enhance and test your skills with on camera mock interviews with follow-up evaluation and feedback.








In today’s world of warp speed communication it is critical that a company understands and can perform in the game. With the onset of social media tools like , facebook, twitter, internet, bloggers the word (good or bad, accurate or false) is out  there affecting your brand. To combat this we offer DARK WEB SITE DEVELOPMENT. This effective tool allows a company to quickly get the message out in and effort to control the message appropriately. These sites provide:

  • Video Feed for direct and effective communications
  • Up to date explanation or the issue and corrective actions being taken by your company
  • Clear instructions on steps the public should take
  • Pictorial explanation of product involved, explanation of code dates

These sites are developed to communicate the history, your outstanding systems and other strengths of your company for all to see and recognize.