About Us

GQC was founded in 2004 based on the core principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Mutual Respect. We are guided by these principals and believe our mission is to provide superior consultation to help clients identify, manage and mitigate risk to their brand.  We work closely with technical and business leaders to raise the effectiveness of their organization. We customize all systems, tools and techniques to seamlessly fit their culture, organizational design and appetite for risk.

We believe there is no substation for real experience and it is the key to our success. We have a network of professionals whom have held significant positions of authority and accountability at various levels within the private or public sectors

Our core leadership team consists of four individuals each with over 30 years experience gained by holding significant positions of accountability and authority from shop floor to boardroom. We have gained this experience and knowledge by working for companies like; Nestle, Gerber, Quaker Oats, Clorox, Consolidated Containers, and Armor-Dial. This team performs two key functions: 

Crisis Managers: The are skilled at working with a client to perform a triage of the crisis and identifying key resources and skill sets needed to resolve the issue.

Helping our clients in identifying risk profile and providing pragmatic solutions to their concerned gaps. This team has delivered significant risk reductions and financial savings around the globe.

Our passion and desire is to create a long-term professional relationship with professional principled based companies of all size and industries.