Our Mission

Providing superior service by helping companies Identify, Manage, and Mitigate risk to their brand.


Food Safety

Global Food Safety Initiative ( SQF / BRC) Certification Preparation Business Continuation Plans Crisis Management Plans / Training

Consumer Products Regulatory / Quality Systems

We approach this in a predict and prevent philosophy vs. the industry’s common inspect and reject methodology. We have been successful in shifting companies to a predictive practice delivering outstanding...

24/7 Crisis Response

We provide a 24/7 Crisis Hotline and Service. Call us anytime night or day to bring seasoned professionals to help you to navigate successfully thru your crisis and mitigate damage...

Risk Evaluation

Who are your best suppliers and why? Is it because they have the best on time delivery and or price? Can you prioritize your vendors from best to worst based...

Business Solutions

In today’s world it is critical to get critical risk based information to the key decision makers in a hurry in order to protect your brand. This is one of...

Pressure testing your plan

Crisis Management Simulations We work with you to custom design a real life scenario that ensures we pressure test your critical systems in a realistic environment. We first sit down...

Dark Websites

Our Dark Websites allow you clean, clear and rapid communications with your consumers & customers who are desperately looking for information affecting them. Whether you interact via a video, through...

Crisis Management Plans

We offer a customized integrated crisis management plan the matches your unique appetite for risk:  Cross-functional team based system that supports your company’s organization structure, culture and skill sets. Coded...

Why GQC?

Our beliefs  

GQC was founded in 2004 based on the core principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Mutual Respect. We are guided by these principals and believe our passion and mission is to provide superior consultation to help clients identify, manage and mitigate risk to their brand. Our approach is to build a long-term relationship with our clients.

Our Team

Our core management team consists of three individuals each with over 30 years experience gained by holding significant positions of accountability and authority from the shop floor to boardroom. They gained this while working for Companies like; Nestle, Gerber, Quaker Oats, Clorox, Consolidated Containers, and Armor-Dial.

Global Reach

We have significant experience in delivering substantial risk reduction with cost reduction and efficiency around the globe. Our knowledge includes the Americas, Europe and Asia. We work closely with business leaders to actively increase their teams effectiveness through assessment, strategic planning, and hands on training.

Our Plan

Our ability to predict and prevent issues is a direct reflection of our teams proactive approach. We specialize in harnessing the internet and technology to work for you rather than against you in preventing and tackling threats by developing dark websites, implementing SEO, and allowing you to protect your brand from virtually anywhere.

Some of the Great Companies We Have Had the Honor and Pleasure of Working with

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About Our Team

Our Team is rich in risk mitigation experience around the globe. Whether it is in the Americas, Asia or Europe we understand the different cultures and what it takes to deliver exceptional results.


Brand Risk Mitigation
Predict & Prevent Processes
Operational Experience
Product Performance and Safety