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Regulatory Compliance


This resource is a Former assistant commissioner for food protection- FDA

Associate Commissioner of Foods – FDA


This resource is the former VP / General Counsel for the American Meat Institute

30+ years in development, interpretation, and enforcement of laws and regulations governing food production, processing, and distribution throughout the United States and internationally

Security & Criminal Investigation:

Key resources for Malicious Tampering or Extortion

For North America

This resource was a former Operations Officer for the CIA in Asia. Additionally has

held Sr. Management Positions with Kroll Associates & Pinkerton.

This resource is currently a Professor of Criminal Justice at Ferris State University. Additionally has 20 years experience as Michigan State Police officer and retired as a post commander

For Canada & International

We have used with great success a well-established firm with offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Their Chairman joined the investigation community in 1979 and co-founded his company 1984 which grew to be the premier investigation firm in Canada. In June 2011, he merged with a Global Services company to become the nations premier Risk Mitigation & Investigation firm.

We have second resource that ahs over 25 year experience criminal investigation and founded his private investigation company.  This resource was recently used in malicious tampering crises for one of our French speaking Canadian clients. The client was very pleased with the professionalism and results this resource provided.

Crisis Communications

For North America

Our resources consists of three very talented individuals. The principal has 26 years of experience in the field of crisis communications. He is a Former Washington State Representative and Chief of Staff to a United States Senator and was a Senior Public Relations Manager for Microsoft Corporation

Another principal in the company has more than eighteen years experience working with Fortune 500s, universities and government agencies on their internal and external communications, including work with the Federal Reserve Bank, MasterCard, Columbia University, and Bloomingdales.


A leading global public relations and crisis communications firm with offices and affiliate partners in 81 countries. They have delivered very professional support for us by support our client’s communication issues in Japan, Sweden, Demark and the US

We have received very high praise form our clients due to these companies support.


This resource has over 25 years as Associate General Counsel for Procter &Gamble

And is currently Professor of Law University of Cincinnati. He was instrumental in preventing a recall for one of our clients

Our second resource has 25 years of legal experience, in environmental law and food law. She was Vice President and General Counsel of Dole Packaged Foods.  Has obtained a Masters in cell and molecular biology and worked in pharmacology research at the University of California, San Francisco and at Stanford University, School of Medicine

Analytical Testing:

We use our Asia business partner in Manila. They provide a full service laboratory plus two GQC managers. Our lead person is an innovative technical professional with demonstrated strengths in quality assurance, chemical and microbiological laboratory management, research and development and continuous improvement. and HACCP. She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Master of Science in Soil Chemistry and has worked Colgate Palmolive, San Miguel Corporation, and the International Rice Research Institute

Our second mangers holds a BS and MS in Chemistry, a MA in Educ. Major in Educational Management has worked for the Bureau of Food and Drugs, San Miguel Corporation,  Grist Chemical Manufacturing and the First Analytical Services and Technical Services Cooperative

Medical Advice: Physicians:

We subscribe to 24/7 Access To Health Advice

On demand healthcare advice wherever you need, as often as you need.

Access to a physician from anywhere via telephone or email, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Allergen Consultation:

We utilize three PhD professors from a leading US University that are renowned as the leaders in Allergens:


Our first resource Degrees are:

B.S. Food Science and Technology, Oregon State University

M.S. Food Science and Technology, Oregon State University

Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of California-Davis


Thee Second resource:

B.S. Agricultural Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

M.S. Animal Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Ph.D. Food Allergens / Food Science and Technology, University of Nebraska


The Third resource:

B.S. Biology, Eastern Washington University

Ph.D. Dairy Science, The Ohio State University Post Doc. Immunology, Cornell University-Lincoln

Customer / Consumer Services:

We utilize a talented consultant specializing in consumer relations and customer service support for food, beverage, consumer goods, retail, healthcare and utility companies.  She has 24 years management level experience with Pillsbury, Quaker and Dole.


We use a toxicology laboratory located in Florida. This lab provides complete testing and consultation as to the effect and impact of the toxin.

We also use a PhD resource from Department of Laboratory Medicine, Department of internal medicine, Yale University School of Medicine. He holds a

B.A. Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Major in Biology, Minor in Chemical Engineering

M.A. Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York, Major in Bacteriology, Minor in Chemistry

Ph.D. State University of New York at Buffalo Medical School, Department of Microbiology and Immunology.

Foodborne Hazards:

We utilize a with over 90 scientific and engineering disciplines, a staff of approximately 900, located in 20 offices throughout the nation and 5 international offices, their team of scientists, physicians, engineers, and regulatory consultants can provide very rapid-response evaluation, to provide our clients with the critical information on a day-to-day a crisis basis. 

Product Retrieval:

We use a company I have personally used a global head of quality for Clorox and Gerber. This firm ahs a broad network of  technical people that moments notice are dispatched to Retail stores .warehouse ,etc. to locate buys n removed suspect products from commerce.

Call Center Expansion:

We utilize two very capable firms ( one west coast & one east coast) that can on a moments notice expand a company’s ability to answer and handle custom calls while allowing the company to continue their business. We have used these  resources in the past with great success.

Global Food Safety Initiative:

We use a consultant that stared as a chef for Hilton Hotels and has 26 years experience consulting and auditing international hotels and restaurant chains. He is registered SQF and BRC consultant.

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